Sixteen Acres Garden Center Inc., which has been serving Springfield and the surrounding communities since 1962, offers Landscape Design Services to assist you in creating custom landscaping for your home or business.

There are fees associated with this service.  The design fee is based on the size and complexity of the job and starts at $120.00.  This includes a site visit, design and an itemized estimate.  The initial design fee of $120.00 is due at the time of the site visit.  There may be additional fees depending upon the complexity of the design. You can follow the steps to begin the design process!

Step 1

Call our Landscape Designer, Norman Corigliano, @ 413-783-5883 ext. 111 to set up an initial meeting.  We will visit your property to evaluate the site and discuss your budget, goals, ideas, and time frame.

Step 2

We will create a job proposal, which is a customized detailed plan for your project based on the initial meeting. This includes a design and an itemized estimate to complete the design.

Step 3

We will present our job proposal to you for approval.  You can then decide if you would like to have the landscape project installed. You may have us proceed immediately, have the job done at a later date, or have the job done in stages. You may decide to do the job yourself. It’s up to you!

Step 4

We will schedule your landscaping project based on how you decide to proceed. We require a 50% deposit in order for us to begin, with the remaining 50% being due upon completion of the job.

If you wish you may schedule a consultation only (site visit only/no written documentation). The fee for this service starts at a minimum of $60.00 and $60.00 per hour thereafter. This fee is due at the time of the consultation.


    Time frame for completion of installation?