Landscape Design & Installation

Sixteen Acres Garden Center Inc., which has been serving Springfield and the surrounding communities since 1961, offers Landscape Design Services to assist you in creating custom landscaping for your home or business.

Step 1 
Call our Landscape Designer (413-783-5883 ext. 111) to set up an initial meeting. We will visit your property, evaluate your project, and discuss your ideas, time frame, goals, and budget. It is especially important for you to let us know what your budget is for the project so that we can work within your guidelines. There is a one-time consultation fee for these services, which includes the initial visit, our custom design, and accompanying documentation. This consultation fee is based on the size and complexity of the job with prices beginning at $100.00.

Step 2 
We will create a job proposal, which is a customized detailed plan for your project based on the initial meeting.

Step 3 
We will present our job proposal to you for approval. The proposal will include the total cost of the job and a list of all plants and materials needed. We will itemize prices so that you can clearly see the breakdown of all the costs involved.

Step 4 
You decide if you would like to have the landscape project done. You can have us proceed immediately, you can decide to have us do the job at a later date, you can have us do the job in stages, or you can do the job yourself based on our design.

Step 5 
We will schedule your landscaping project based on how you decide to proceed. We require a 50% deposit in order for us to begin, with the remaining 50% being due upon completion of the job.

Member American Nursery & Landscape Association, Massachusetts Landscape Association & Better Business Bureau. 

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