Humble, Helpful Toads – Bug Eating Garden Royalty

Garden toads are unobtrusive and beneficial garden residents. Toads that are native to your area, not someone’s exotic pet released into the wild, are a sure sign of a healthy ecosystem and do their share by consuming plant munching insects. A few steps on your part will ensure these hopping helpers are safe, happy and present in
your garden. Toads actually take in air and water through their very absorbent skin,  so conditions that make doing so easy and healthy attract them to a garden, as well as the supply of tasty bugs to be found there!

Simple Steps to Accommodate Garden Toads:

  • Don’t use chemicals in the garden – they are toxic to toads and kill off insects they would survive on.
  • Provide shelter such as a toad house or rock tunnel;
  • Garden Toads are not small – entry should be at least 4” wide by 3” high.
  • Ideally the shelter should have two openings, so the toad can escape from predators.
  • Tuck the shelter into a shady spot to keep it cool.
  • There should be no bottom, as toads burrow into the cool dirt when
  • sheltering.
  • Provide water nearby; just deep enough for a good soak, not for swimming.
  • Keep pets away. Toads secrete toxins from their skin to deter predators. The toxins of Garden Toads will mainly cause mouth foaming and future avoidance of toads,  but the “venom” of some toad species can be lethal.
  • Don’t poke, prod, hold or confine toads; respect their personal space as they quietly benefit yours.