Quick Tips for August

Deadhead – remove finished blooms from perennials to encourage more and tidy up, but don’t be afraid to leave a few of those that have visual interest or provide seed for birds.
Keep Harvesting- regular harvesting of herbs and vegetables ensure best flavor and fullest productivity
Preserve – can, freeze or dry the season’s bounty to enjoy in the months ahead
Donate – share excess harvest with local food kitchens
Save Seeds – clean, dry and store seeds from non-hybrid veggies, herbs and flowers
Analyze – ornamental gardens and container displays for what worked, what didn’t and things you’d like to change next year
Make notes – while it’s fresh in your mind, record information on the
performance/yield/taste of herbs and vegetables in your garden journal
Inspect – look over garden structures for those could use attention come fall and to note where additional ones would be helpful; rabbit fencing, bean trellis, benches
Freshen – begin transitioning containers of annuals from summer into autumn by adding in ornamental kale, pansies and ornamental grasses
Plant – get cool season herb and vegetable crops going for autumn and winter harvests
Restore – Plant cover crops in finished vegetable bed areas to replenish soil nutrients
Don’t throw in the towel – keep weeding and watering to enjoy healthy, beautiful plantings for the full extent of the season
Get inspired and informed – tour other gardens for ideas on what thrives and shines during the dog days of summer in your area
Gather Garden Bargains- hit the garden center for end of season deals on containers and plants
Kick back – with a cool summer beverage and enjoy your garden!!!