Growing Edibles in Containers

A trend that passes fad and goes straight to fabulous – fabulous
food that is!

This trend took a jump several years ago and is still growing…on decks, balconies and patios in every region! The desire to enjoy fresh food, with less space and time needed than for a  full-fledged garden, is a key reason this trend is hot. Containers of edibles are also user  friendly for those with limited mobility and can be just as decorative as pots of flowers – with a higher return on their equally simple care.

A quick trip through the garden center can make  you an insider to this trend in no time. Veggie, herb, and fruit, filled containers are easy to create yourself or purchase ready-made.  Options range from a tomato planted straight into in bag of potting soil to highly specialized  containers filled with varieties bred to produce an abundance of food on scaled down plants.

Look for ornamental peppers to bring hot color to the patio and then spice to the dinner plate.  Another tasteful and tasty choice is a container combo of tomatoes and classic Italian herbs.  Seek out patio blueberries, in decorative containers, to flank an entryway and provide  multi-season appeal with spring blooms, summer fruit and autumn color. For some kid friendly  fun, try a Potato Planter designed with an inner pot that can be lifted for sneak peeks, and
harvesting, of the dirt dwelling spuds!