Acorns Driving You Nuts?

Try This Tool for Quick Acorn Clean Up!

Anyone who has a mature Oak on their property knows that it’s a love-hate relationship with this tree. The mess dropped from the spring flowers is easy enough to clean up with light raking and mowing, but acorns in the fall are another story. Oaks are beautiful trees and provide so much richness to the landscape, if only there were some magical way to keep the love alive for this species when their constant messiness challenges a gardener to just put an end to it all.

But there is help! A tool is available that makes cleaning up acorns so much fun even kids will want to join in. The Nut Wizard is a gardening gadget that magically pops the acorns out of their grassy hiding places and captures them in a wire cage. Simply push the tines of the wire ball apart to release the nuts into a bucket or compost. It just might be the perfect compromise to help keep the love alive.