Instant Beauty: Choosing and Caring for Pre-Made Hanging Baskets for Your Garden Party

Every garden party or outdoor gathering needs the backdrop of a lush, vibrant garden. As the summer sun sets, leaving a warm twilight glow, there’s no sight more enchanting than a riot of blooming plants flourishing in decorative containers. Here at 16 Acres Garden Center, we believe in the magic of color and the charm […]

Beat the Heat: Shade Solutions for Your Summer Garden from 16 Acres Garden Center

When the summer sun blazes overhead, finding shade in your garden becomes a top priority. Luckily, 16 Acres Garden Center has the perfect shade solutions to help you create a cool and inviting oasis right in your own New England backyard. From vibrant annuals to exotic tropicals and enduring perennials, we offer a wide range […]

The Ultimate July Garden Guide from 16 Acres Garden Center

July signifies a pivotal stage in the gardening year for 16 Acres Garden Center, as the full blast of summer sets in, and the mid-year blossoming season burgeons. This article presents a well-rounded guide on what to do in your 16 Acres Garden Center in July, partitioning the information into five distinct domains: vegetable gardens, […]

June is National Pollinator Month: Celebrating the Vital Role of Bees, Butterflies, and Pollinator-Friendly Plants

June brings with it National Pollinator Month, a time to acknowledge the significance of pollinators and promote their conservation. Pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, play a crucial role in our ecosystems. At 16 Acres Garden Center in Springfield, MA, we invite our community to join us in supporting these invaluable creatures. In this article, […]